COVID 19 Measures

Art Club

As art club is run from my family home I aim to create a safe environment for both my family and the children attending. I do want art club to be a relaxed and encouraging environment where friendship and creativity is allowing to blossom and grow. With that in mind we function as a bubble without the need for social distancing although I will create room around the craft table for individual space and keep the room well ventilated. If your child would like to wear a mask then individual choice is encouraged and supported. I shall be keeping more of a distance.

I am putting the following measures in place:

Small group sizes – no more than 8.

A thorough clean before and after.

Access to a separate toilet and wash basin with a fresh towel.

Hand sanitiser available.

Parents will be asked to collect from the kitchen door where there is ample room to social distance.

We have access to a thermometer and should your child feel unwell whilst at art club you will be notified immediately of a raised temperature and you will be expected to collect your child asap.

If your child is unwell at home then I TRUST that you will not send them.

If I’m collecting your child from school and they are unwell they will then be left in the care of the school for you to collect.

What if my child or a member of my household has tested positive for Covid 19? You need to contact me immediately if your child had attended art club within the previous 48 hours.

What if my child has covid symptoms but has not been tested? You will need to inform me and keep your child at home but art club will continue as normal.

What if my child’s sibling has gone into isolation due to their school class bubble going down? Your child is still able to attend unless their sibling has tested positive. This is the same for my children if their class bubbles go down they will be isolating at home but away from art club.

If you have any questions do get in touch – talk to me – 07881 637 451.

Warm regards,