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A bit about Scarlett & Valentine

Creative Community

In her mid-thirties, Aprille McShane embarked on a creative journey that gave life to Scarlett and Valentine. Inspired by becoming a parent, Aprille sought to adorn her family home with playful illustrations. Beginning with linocut, her initial foray into the world of printmaking sparked a profound passion that has flourished over the past 14 years.

Driven by her love for printmaking, Aprille transitioned into hosting workshops, aiming to share her enthusiasm with others. Her endeavors evolved into intimate linocut printmaking 'socials' and after-school clubs, creating warm and inviting spaces for creative expression.

Over time, Aprille's impact expanded beyond these personal settings. She has orchestrated a diverse array of printmaking workshops, ranging from small, intimate gatherings to grand public events for councils, charities, schools and institutions.


A collaborative spirit, Aprille actively engages with fellow creatives and organisations such as Carousel Print Studio and Create Sheffield, where she champions creative endeavours.

Aprille's creative footprint extends across public art, illustration, and fine art printmaking, showcasing a broad spectrum of her artistic prowess. To explore more about Aprille's art practice, you can find additional information

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